Our Vision

We are here to change your perspective to look towards human health and disease so as to acquire a more holistic approach towards delivering healthcare. Our vision is to complete the circle of knowledge by bridging the present gap between the understanding of basic sciences and clinical sciences by conglomerating genetics, genomics, molecular biology and biotechnology with Dental and Clinical medicine.

The Saliva Symposium India (SALSI), will create an outstanding platform where it will mark the launch of the stream "Salivary Diagnostics!" In India research on salivary diagnostics is definitely not behind, but this stage will bring together all the researchers to share their ideas and views on the subject as well as will bring together the researchers and commercial partners together, which is one of the best part of the event!And last but not the least, it will open new career prospects, especially for the fresh minds. Dental Genetics, a booming field will be introduced and a certificate of appreciation will be given. Attending SALSI will help you earn CE points as well. A great opportunity of earning a fellowship at US in Saliva Diagnosis is another chance which will be secured on attending SALSI. This platform is entirely inter disciplinary!

Our Story

Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics is a first of its kind endeavour in India to bridge the present gap between the understanding of Basic sciences and Clinical Sciences by inculcating interdisciplinary scientific knowledge among healthcare professionals.

Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics is a global platform to inculcate the knowledge of Genetics, Genomics and Molecular Biology into the Dental fraternity and Clinical medical world. A global platform where students from clinical (dental and medical) sciences as well as basic science, clinicians, researchers, biomedical engineers, industrial experts, thought leaders, digital marketer, photographers, personality developers and image consultants can join hands and walk together to form a brighter future.

In this world at present when we all are running ahead of the clock, it is important that we do not miss a single opportunity to update our brainbox. It is just that we find the right platter on time. Ou academyfocuses on online approach to impart interdisciplinary scientific knowledge because we believe:

“It is time to bring learning to people instead of people to learning”

Meet the IACDG Team

Scientific Committee

Dr Gargi Roy Goswami

Founder & Director, Indian Academy for Clinical and Dental Genetics

Director, KROYNAS Pvt. Ltd. , India

Dr Manasmita Das

Director , Biomedical imaging Scientist, University Of North Carolina,USA

Dr Paul Desmond Slowey

CEO and Founder, Oasis Diagnostics Corporation, USA

Advisory Committee

Mrs Krishna Mukherji


Dr Kirpa Johar

Bangalore, India

Mrs Sophia Munshi

Pune, India

Dr Kamaraj Ganesan

Chennai, India

Scientific Coordinators:


Dr Roshni
Dr Shruti
Dr Namrata
Ms Kanchan

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