Second International Summit Of Saliva Symposium India  2020

[Endorsed by North American Saliva Symposium (NASS)]

Presented By: Indian Academy For Clinical And Dental Genetics

Venue:  National Institute Of Advanced Studies (NIAS) Auditorium, Indian Institute Of Sciences (IISc) Campus, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

SALSI 2020 Theme: "Beyond The Textbook"

"We Can Change The World" - says Women in SALSI 2020

We Went A Eco-friendly Way

SALSI 2020 conference kits and name cards were made from hand-made paper

All Set To Stage

JRD Tata Auditorium at National Institute Of Advanced Studies (NIAS), IISc Campus

Chief Guest

Padmavibhushan Prof. Dr. V. S. Ramamurthy

Guest Of Honor

Dr. Jill L. Maron

(Neonatologist & Physician Scientist)

Tufts Univeristy, USA

Inaugural Ceremony

Lamp Lighting 

Inaugural Ceremony

Ganesh Vandana By Mrs. Jolly Roy

We Are Empowered By Them

Our Mentors

Dr Kripa Johar



Felicitating An Inspiring Journey

Dr. Kaberi Das

A journey of life traversed that has become an inspiration

We Are A Family - SALSI Family

Thanks to each and everyone

SALSI 2020 Conference Report

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Saliva Symposium India (SALSI) 2020

About: SALSI is a first of its kind interdisciplinary international meet in India that focuses on immense potential of saliva as a disease diagnostic tool, saliva therapeutics and saliva biomarker research on a global perspective. It shows newer pathways in applications of molecular genetics and genomic technologies in daily diagnosis and research, brings to you live demonstration of latest saliva collection tools, point of care devices and saliva therapeutics. SALSI also shows newer pathways to entrepreneurship and career opportunities. 

Global Status: SALSI has now made its mark in the global list of saliva symposia happening in different parts of the globe - USA (North American Saliva Symposium), Australia (STAR), Brazil, China.  SALSI 2019 was the first in Chennai, India.

Who can attend? BDS, MDS, B.Sc, M.Sc., MBBS, MD, B.Tech., M.Tech, B. Pharm, M.Pharm, B. V.Sc., M.V.Sc, BAMS, M.S. Ayurveda, PhD

What disciplines of science can cater to SALSI? Dentistry, Medicine, Pediatrics, Forensics, Pharmacology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Omics Industry, Ayurveda, Biomedical Engineering , Pathology, Biochemistry, Industrial Entrepreneurs in healthcare sector , analysis and therapeutics can meet, share ideas, and conceive the next generation of non-invasive technologies that will benefit human health in the future.

Winners SALSI 2020

Winners At SALSI 2020

Dr. Jyotismita Thakuria Best Paper Award PG Category
Dr. Jyotismita Thakuria Best Paper Award PG Category
Best Scientific Paper Award
Dr. Rituja Upaydhyay (Faculty Category)

KRRIA: Dr Kamalesh Roy Research Idea Award

A platform introduced for undergraduate students to participate in a competition to share their innovative research ideas focused to solve a societal problem. The nominated participants get involved in real time presentations of their research ideas.

All participants are appreciated with a token of appreciation and Certificate of participation. The winner is awarded with cash prize.

Scientific threads:

#salivaresearch #salivadiagnostics #salivatherapeutics #salivabiomarkers #liquidbiopsy #biotechnology #molecularbiology #genomics #genetics #toxicology #bioentrepreneurship #biochemistry #chemistry #pharmacology #bioanalytics #biomedical #microbiology #dentistry #omics #medical #pathology #neurosciences #medicaldevices #immunology #cancerbiology #chairside #saliva #noninvasive #therapeutics #forensics #ayuveda #veterinary #innovation #research

Unique Features

  • UG Research Idea Award (First time ever!) : Cash prize award
  • Hands-on-demonstrations (first of its kind):
  • Rapid, Oral Fluid Test Platform: a unique one step non-invasive point of care testing device 
  • -Electric Field-Induced Release and Measurement (EFIRM) technology for detection of Cancer from body fluids
  • Unique SALSI Activity Events: Count your chromosomes and Investigate a crime scene.


  • Exclusive Interdisciplinary Platform: Open to all (both healthcare and scientific sectors) from academics and industry
  • Introducing benefits of  non-invasive diagnostic tools for human disease detection and treatment planning
  • Bringing in academicians and commercial partners on the same platform
  • Opening newer career prospects
  • Breaking down the boundaries to build collaborative research and education as well as commercial partnerships

SALSI 2020 Theme: "Beyond The Textbook"

We are all bound within of thoughts, box of curriculum, box of customs, box of disciplines...isn't it? Given a chance, everyone of us will definitely wish to come out of their box atleast once..right? It is nature's law that we get attracted to the most apparently unachievable things around us. But are things really unachievable??

Science has unearthed the history of human evolution, traced back mitochondria to find the first Eve (woman) whose DNA is being passed on through generations which prevails in present human females , completed Mission Mars , cloned live animals like Dolly (sheep), found the solutions for several dreadful diseases, diagnosed  cancer from only few drops of biological fluids...and what not! All these innovations happened only when researchers, engineers, technologies, biologists , clinicians and many others marched together and took a step out of their boxes.

So,  we heartily welcome you all to join a new world of Scientific Revolution that will train your vision to look " Beyond The Texbook".

Yes!! SALSI 2020 is the first of its kind interdisciplinary platform in India which will witness the conglomeration of research, technology, science, engineering, industrial innovations and clinical applications on the same platform

Join us and enjoy this unique journey with friends and family amongst the serene beauty of the Garden City of India - Bengaluru.

Let us create, collaborate and contribute towards the betterment of life through interdisciplinary science.

Dr Kamalesh Chandra Roy (July 11, 1941 March 3, 2017)
Dr Kamalesh Chandra Roy (July 11, 1941 March 3, 2017)

SALSI 2020 Tribute:

Pays a tribute to Dr Kamalesh Chandra Roy. Popularly called ” The God of Dentistry” of Baharampur, Murshidabad district, West Bengal, India. The unsung Hero with immense contribution towards dentistry – the First Dentist of Baharampur

“Keep your blessings on us” -Dr Gargi Roy Goswami (Proud Daughter)

Official Collaborator: Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation, USA

Oasis Diagnostics® Corporation was founded to conceive, develop, and commercialize high-quality tools for the non-invasive diagnosis and detection of diseases based on non-invasive specimens, particularly saliva or oral fluid. The Company’s technologies address the three main segments of the in vitro diagnostics [IVD] marketplace: molecular diagnostics [including DNA and, RNA], or nucleic acid testing [NAT], point of care [POC] testing and testing performed in the laboratory.

SALSI 2020 Galaxy Of International & National Speakers

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